Sana Hamid - Make-Up Artist

Sana Hamid Makeup Artist Des Moines IA

                                    Sana Hamid makeup artist is located in Des Moines, IA  
             Her passion is to create magnificent looks for each and every one of her clients.  
                        She started off her makeup service in school and work for friends 
                                                  and they helped her recognize her talent, 
                she then pursed her career as a freelance makeup artist in Des Moines, IA.  
She specializes in bridal makeup, party makeup, prom, dramatic, natural, and can basically
                     do any look a client wants, which is why each and every look of hers is 
                                                              unique and different......  
                                For her, beauty is something that every person has in them, 
                                   and she thinks her job is to simply enhance that beauty 
                                           and make sure it is as prominent as it can be.  
                She uses clean and sterilized brushes and accessories and she makes sure to 
                                            use the best line of products out there, such as: 
                                                          MAC, Urban Decay, Clinique, 
                                                                       and many more.....  
                                 She is a very friendly person who is dedicated to her work 
         and is extremely dependable, which is why all of her clients love being around her.  
       She strives to achieve excellence and to satisfy her clients to the best of her ability!

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